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The RTA works to keep tie markets strong and healthy through the active and responsible promotion of the wood crosstie, product improvement engineering, communication across the rail industry network and a steady flow of useful information published in Crossties. RTA's mission is to enhance the potential for our members' products and be sure those products meet the market's demands. The RTA is the network designed to expand tie markets domestically and globally. RTA publishes the highly regarded bimonthly magazine, Crossties, which covers all aspects of the wood crosstie industry. Membership in RTA entitles you to receive this publication at no additional charge.

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July/August 2023
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July/August 2023

Conference Registration Open
Field Trip Recap
Impacts of Low-Grade Markets and Growing the Market for Treated Hardwood

May/June 2023

Mid-Year Market Report
Railroad Advocacy Day
Historical Perspective

March/April 2023

Tie Grading Seminar Recap
Netterville Lumber Profile

January/February 2023

Market Outlook
Sort Line Update
Clean Water Act

November/December 2022

Interview with RTA President Dave Koch
Conference Recap
Grading Rules and the Tie Industry

September/October 2022

Market Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar Recap
Award and Scholarship Winners

July/August 2022

Field Trip Recap
Industry Updates
Yellow Poplar Ties Part II

May/June 2022

Market Outlook
Hardwoods Deliver Solutions
Yellow Poplar Ties

March/April 2022

Railroad Day on the Hill
Employment Situation Analysis
Wood Treatment in the 20th Century

January/February 2022
Market Outlook
An Interview with Chuck Baker
RTA Partnerships and Benefits

November/December 2021

Interview with RTA President, Rick Gibson
RTA Conference Photos
Conference Recap
September/October 2021
Tie Demand Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar Recap
Creosote Treated Wood and the American Southwest
July/August 2021
Tie Prices
Conference Overview
Research Review

May/June 2021

Railroad Day on the Hill Recap
Tie Grading Seminar Information

Environmental Regulatory Update

March/April 2021
Why Railroads Specify Creosote
Railroad Day and ASLRRA
Used Tie Research

January/February 2021
Tie Forecast 
In-Person Meetings
Tier II Reporting

November/December 2020
President's Message
Conference Recap
Hardwood Federation Update 

September/October 2020 
Tie Forecast
Creosote: Prescription Part II
Conference Information

July/August 2020 

2020 RTA Conference
History, Use & Health Effects of Creosote
Clock Dating

May/June 2020

March/April 2020

Tribute to Retiring Executive Director Jim Gauntt
Board Road & Crane Mat
Grade Hardwood Lumber Market Update

January/February 2020

Disruptive 25 Years
Market Outlook
SelecTie III

November/December 2019

Search for Executive Director 
Q&A with Bill Behan
Conference Recap

September/October 2019

Tie Grading Seminar
Market Outlook
You Are Your Own Superpower

July/August 2019

Field Trip
Benefits of Creosote Treated Wood
Tie Supply Deeper Dive

May/June 2019

Tie Supply Update
Railroad Day on the Hill
Annual Conference

 March/April 2019

Market Outlook
Open Top Loading Rules
Resource Analysis

January/February 2019

Economic Forecast
ASLRRA Interview
Hardwood Federation Report

November/December 2018

Conference Recap
Executive Update
Tie Recovery Research

September/October 2018 

Tie Grading Seminar
Market Outlook
Hardwood Federation Fly-In

July/August 2018

Field Trip

ASLRRA Economic Impact Report
Farm Bill

May/June 2018 

Market Update
RTA, EPA & Wood Preservation
Annual Conference

March/April 2018 

Railroad Day Recap
Hardwood Federation Update
HMA Conference Highlights

January/February 2018

Economic Forecast
ASLRRA Initiatives
Tax and Export Highlights

Special: NHSM Rule Revision

November/December 2017

Conference Recap
RTA President Q&A
Economic Update

September/October 2017

Tie Grading Seminar
Market Outlook
University of Tennessee Research

July/August 2017

Field Trip
Resilient Forests Act
WWPI/OSU Collaboration

May/June 2017

Market Update
RTA at 98, Part II
2017 Conference in San Diego, California

March/April 2017

Railroad Day on the Hill
RTA is 98 Years Young
Sawmill Focus

January/February 2017

2017 Market Outlook
Shortline Association Look Ahead
Hardwood Federation Plans

November/December 2016

Conference Recap
RTA President Q&A
Election Commentary

September/October 2016

Market Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar

July/August 2016

Market Update
Field Trip
Innovative RTA Apps

May/June 2016

Market Update
2016 Freight Railroad Capex Analysis
2016 Conference in Bonita Springs, Florida

March/April 2016

Northern Long-Eared Bat
Sawmill Focus
Railroad Day on the Hill

January/February 2016

2015 Market Outlook
USDA Forest/Timberland Tool
Shortline Association Look Ahead
Hardwood Federation Goals

November/December 2015

2015 Conference Speaker Recap
2015 Conference Photos
President's Q&A

September/October 2015

Market Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar

July/August 2015 

Market Update
Railroad Day On The Hill
Field Trip

May/June 2015

Market Update
Interview with the Hardwood Federation's Dana Lee Cole
2015 Conference in Tucson

March/April 2015

Capex Update
Sawmill Focus
Sustainability Statement

January/February 2015

2015 Market Outlook
New Photo Guide on Tie Defects in Development

Shortline Association Goals

November/December 2014

2014 Conference Speaker Recap
2014 Conference Photos
President's Q&A

September/October 2014

Market Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar 

July/August 2014

Hardwood Market Update
Field Trip

May/June 2014

Market Update
Hardwood Checkoff Update
2014 Conference in Orlando

March/April 2014

Railroad Day on the Hill
Capex Update
Swamp Logging & Sawmill Profile

January/February 2014

2014 market Outlook
45G Tax Credit Extension
Hardwood Check-Off Letter

November/December 2013

2013 Conference Photos
2013 Conference Speaker Quotes
Hardwood Check-Off Information

September/October 2013

Market Outlook & Tie Surveys

Tie Grading Seminar

July/August 2013

2013 RTA Field Trip
Hardwood Market Update

May/June 2013

Market Update
2013 Conference at Lake Tahoe

March/April 2013

Railroad Day on the Hill
CAPEX Update

January/February 2013

Forecast Article
NRC Conference

ASLRRA and RTA Partner on 45G Tax Credit

November/December 2012

2012 Conference Photos
2012 Conference Speaker Quotes

Interview with RTA President Jeff Parrett

September/October 2012

2012 Tie Surveys and Market Outlook
RTA Tie Grading Seminar Report

July/August 2012

2012 Field Trip
RTA's New Interactive Website

May/June 2012

Prospects For Growth
Photo Contest Winners
94th Annual Symposium and Technical Conference

March/April 2012

Sawmill Focus-2 Cents a Tie
Railroad Day on the Hill

January/February 2012

Forecast Articles
Norfolk Southern Leads the Way
NRC Conference

November/December 2011

2011 Conference Photos
2011 Conference Speaker Quotes
Photo contest- The Treated Tie

September/October 2011

2011 Annual Tie Surveys and Market Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar Report

July/August 2011

Railroad Day on the Hill
Memberwide Field Trip
Photo Contest- The Untreated Tie

May/June 2011

Crossties Forecast: A Bump in the Road
RTA Photo Contest Tells Story of the Sawmill Operation
RTA & Tahoe...An Awesome Combination

March/April 2011

Protecting Wooden Railway Infrastructure for Next Generation
RTA's NEW Photo Contest!

January/February 2011

Market Outlook 2011
Short Lines Ready for Challenging Year
AAR Chief Addresses Railroad Growth & Challenges

November/December 2010

Branson, MO Conference Re-cap
What the Speakers Had to Say
Q&A With New RTA President, Jeff Broadfoot

September/October 2010

2010 Annual Tie Surveys and Market Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar Report

July/August 2010

Add PTC, Subtract Tax Credit
Is This Recovery?
2010 RTA Field Trip Recap

May/June 2010

Nostalgia and the Future
Tie Grading Article
Conference Article

March/April 2010

Creosote Treated Ties: An End-of-Life Tie Evaluation
Winter Field Trip to Cordele, GA

January/February 2010

Recovery and Beyond
Looking to the Future
AAR Discusses Future Prosperity of Nation's Railroads

November/December 2009

Baltimore Conference Highlights
What the Speakers Said
Tie Dual Treatments

September/October 2009

2009 Annual Tie Surveys & Market Outlook
Tie Grading Seminar Recap

July/August 2009

RTA Member-Wide Field Trip to Canada
Creosote Posts 50 Years Later
Update On Tie Market Projections

May/June 2009

Sawmill Member Drive a Success
RTA Heads to Baltimore for Annual Conference
Register Today for RTA Annual Tie Grading Seminar

March/April 2009

2009 Railroad Day on the Hill
RTA Member Drive
The Tie Grading Seminar is Coming!

January/February 2009

Market Outlook for Ties in 2009
Market Forecast for 2009
EPA Approves Continued Registration of Creosote

November/December 2008

2008 RTA Conference Story
What the Conference Presenters Said

September/October 2008

2008 Annual RTA Tie Surveys
Tie Grading Seminar in Alabama

July/August 2008

Field Trip 2008
Letter from Executive Director, Jim Gauntt
Mid-Year Outlook

May/June 2008

Effects of Fuel Prices
Tie Grading Seminar Article
Savannah Conference Article

March/April 2008

Field Trip 2008
Railroad Day on the Hill
Tie Grading 2008

January/February 2008

Forecast Article for 2008 - Jim Gauntt
Market Outlook - Fred Norrell

November/December 2007

Conference 2007 Story
What They Said Article

September/October 2007

Annual Tie Surveys 2007
Creosote Council Responds
Tie Grading 2007

July/August 2007

2007 Field Trip
Creosote Treated Wood Safe to Use
Mid-Year Forecast of New Wood Ties

May/June 2007

Borate-Creosote Electrical Impedance Update
Creosote Supply - A Year Later

March/April 2007

The End is Near...Again
Railroad Day on the Hill 2007
2007 RTA Member-Wide Field Trip

January/February 2007

Hot Today, Cooling Tomorrow
Use of Track Strength Data to Optimize Tie Replacement Requirements
Development of Comparative Crosstie Unit Costs & Value
January 2007 Forecast

November/December 2006

SelecTie Update
What They Said

September/October 2006

Tie Grading Seminar
Market Outlook
New Member Benefit

July/August 2006

June 2006 Field Trip
Midyear Market Outlook
Amburgey & Kitchens Article Re: Quality Control

May/June 2006

RTA Presentation at AWPA Conference
Interview with Dr. Patrick Moore

March/April 2006

Member Field Trip in SD & WY Areas Scheduled for June '06
2006 Railroad Day on the Hill Big Success

January/February 2006

Forecast Articles
Market Outlook

November/December 2005

What They Said
A Tipping Point for Short Lines

September/October 2005

Wood Increases Market Share RTA Foresees Even Stronger Demand for Ties
DuBois and Burke-Parsons-Bowlby Score an "A" with RTA Tie Graders
Market Outlook: Tie Purchases Achieve Historic HIgh, Models Say Look for More of the Same

July/August 2005

2005 Field Trip - "Sweet Home Alabama"
Seaman Timber Company - Celebrates Golden Year

May/June 2005

Short Lines and Tax Changes
Looking Back Ten Years by Jim Gauntt

March/April 2005

Science Fair

January/February 2005

Market Outlook 2005
No Stopping This Train

November/December 2004

Railroad Tax Credit Signed Into Law
What They Said

September/October 2004

Tied Up
Steady as She Grows

July/August 2004

Field Trip
Cradle to Grave Approach
Wood Waste Recyclers

May/June 2004

A Rocky Mountain Convention

March/April 2004

A New Era in Tie Demand
A Long Range Forecast

January/February 2004

Market Outlook 2004
New VICTOR Fastening System

November/December 2003

Convention Coverage
What They Said

September/October 2003

Tie Grading Seminar
Forestry Scholarship Winner
2003 Tie Surveys

July/August 2003

Market Report
Field Trip
Wendell Cox Address at Convention
85th Convention in Charleston, SC

May/June 2003

15 Year Exposure

March/April 2003

Field Trip Announcement
Tie Grading Seminar

January/February 2003

Ties and Trains Keep Rolling
Research Into Pre-Treatments
Tie Report

November/December 2002


September/October 2002

2002 Tie Surveys and Charts
Forestry Scholarship Winners
Tie Grading Seminar

July/August 2002

Convention Article 2002
Crunch Time

May/June 2002

RTA Works Hill for Railroads

March/April 2002

To Borate or Not to Borate
Forward to Wisconsin

January/February 2002

Brighter Horizons for Tie Producers

November/December 2001

One to Remember

September/October 2001

2001 Annual Tie Surveys

July/August 2001

Train, Trackwork, and Ties

May/June 2001

Growing Stronger Together

March/April 2001

Meet RTA in St. Louis

September/October 2000

Stop! Go! Proceed with ...Optimism?

July/August 2000

RTA Convention VSE

May/June 2000

RTA on Track with Engineering Seminar

January/February 2000

The Legacy of the Wood Crosstie

July/August 1999

RTA Field Trip: 600 Miles and Two States in Two Days

March/April 1999

Short Line and Regional Railroads Seek Growth

July/August 1998

A Study in Coal Tar Distillation by Richard Harris of Koppers Industries