The Used Tie Phase of the Wood Crosstie Story

The final portion of the 2011 RTA Photo Contest was covered in Phase 5 of the Wood Crosstie Story. This covered The Used Tie showing jobs such as removal from track and processing for cogeneration.

First and Second Places

Both our First and Second Place winning photos were submitted by Jason Feagans, Railroad Division Manager for National Salvage and Service, Corp., in Clear Creek, Ind. Jason’s First Place photo shows railroad ties being unloaded from railcars and loaded into a huge grinder. The resulting chips are going into trailers to be hauled to a cogeneration customer at the National Salvage & Service Corp. tie recycling facility in Selma, AL.

Jason's Second Place winning picture was taken in North Carolina where a customer built a fence from recycled railroad ties. Congratulations to Jason for winning a combined $200.00 E-gift card.


Honorable Mention

Our Phase 5 Honorable Mention photo was sent in by Diane Stackhouse, one of the owners of East Coast Railroad Services and Ray's Transportation, in New Windsor, NY. Diane’s picture, taken with a Kodak EasyShare C913, shows a pile of unsorted ties that were brought into their facility by boom trucks and tractor trailers for sorting and grading. The boom operator off loads the material and skid steer operator sorts the ties with his machine as Relay, Landscape #1, Landscape #2, and Scrap, and placed into inventory. All scrap ties are taken to the Koppers co-generation plant in Muncy, PA. The other ties are sold and shipped out. Diane’s photo won the $25.00 E-gift card.