The Treated Tie Phase of the Wood Crosstie Story

Thank you to those photographers who submitted entries for this portion of the 2011 RTA Photo Contest. The winning photos below illustrated the Treated Tie Phase of a wood crosstie including Pressure Treatment, Storage, Final Inspection, or Transport and Installation in Track.

Please enjoy these winning photos:

First Place - Our First Place winning photo was submitted by Jeffrey Lippincott, National Sales Manager for Tank Fab, in Rocky Mount, NC. He used his Nikon D7000 camera to take this black and white image at the Amerities South facility in Hope, Ark. It shows the company's new transfer deck, built by Tank Fab, being loaded with a new tram of untreated crossties. The trams of crossties in the right of the picture are ties that have either been treated or waiting to be treated. Congratulations to Jeffrey for winning the $125.00 E-gift card.

Second Place - Brad Brenneman, Purchasing Supervisor of MOW for Norfolk Southern in Roanoke, really outdid himself for this phase of the Wood Crosstie Story. He won Second Place for his photo at the Koppers plant in Glenvar, VA. We are looking at gondolas loaded with black (treated) crossties that are prepared to ship out soon for installation. As seen in the distance, approximately 10 cars wait on a siding to be picked up. This picture, taken from the cab looking out over the loaded cars and into the Appalachian Mountains, qualified for the $75.00 E-gift card.

Honorable Mention - Brad also received Honorable Mention (and the $25.00 E-gift card) for this dramatic picture putting us right in the trip to deliver those ties to the job. This track is heading eastbound into the Montgomery Tunnel between Elliston and Christiansburg, VA. From rail level, we are looking at the red signal reflecting in the shiny rail. The closest crosstie shows the beads of creosote that have seeped out on this hot summer day in Virginia. Brad took both of these photos with his Canon Rebel T1i15.1MP camera in June.

And an entry from a former Executive Committee Member - Bill Moss, Manager of Railroad Products with MiTek Industries, made us laugh with his appropriate “Photo from inside a treating cylinder.” We hope you especially enjoy this one.