Quality Control in Wood Preservation Plants

 Information and resources for those who may wish to learn about Quality Control (QC) Standards and Methodologies used in wood preservation and tie industries.
Note: We welcome any member input on QC documents or procedures to include on this page.
The following Standards have been promulgated by the American Wood Protection Association (please visit www.awpa.com for information on how to purchase a complete set of these standards): 

M1-15: Standard for the Purchase of Treated Wood Products
M2-16: Standard for the Inspection of Preservative Treated Products for Industrial Use
M3-16: Standard for the Quality Control of Preservative Treated Products for Industrial Use
M4-15: Standard for the Care of Preservative-Treated Wood Products
M19-11: Standard for Destination Inspections
M20-15: Guidelines for Minimizing Oil-Type Wood Preservative Migration
M22-15: Standard for Third-Party Agency Evaluation of Inspection Data
M23-16: Standard for Third-Party Agency Assessment of Treating Plant Internal Quality Control (IQC)  

Examples of third party and corporate QC outlines for approaches to wood preservation and tie production: 
Example of RR Internal Procedure
Example of Treating Plant Internal Procedure