The Untreated Tie Phase of the Wood Crosstie Story

Thank you to everyone who submitted such fine photos for this portion of the 2011 RTA Photo Contest. The winning photos below illustrated the Untreated Tie Phase of a wood crosstie such as Transport to the Treating Plant, Plant Inspection, or Preparation for Treatment.

Please enjoy these winning photos:

First Place - Brad Brenneman of Norfolk Southern in Roanoke, VA. The Stella-Jones' treating facility in Goshen, VA provided this great view of German-stacked, untreated ties with the Shenandoah mountains in the background. Brad took this picture with his Kodak 12.1 MP EasyShare camera. The First Place Prize is a $125.00 E-Gift card.

Second Place - Andy Andreykovich of Appalachian Timber Services in Pittsburgh, PA won for this shot at the ATS plant in Sutton, WV. Andy used his Nikon D70 camera. The Second Place Prize is a $75.00 E-Gift card.

First Honorable Mention - An early morning shot of German-stacked ties was submitted by Jeffrey Lippincott with Tank Fab in Rocky Point, NC. Jeff captured this photo at the Amerities South Treating Plant in Hope, AR with his Nikon D7000 and a 16-85mm lens. This Prize is a $25.00 E-Gift card.

Another Honorable Mention - Boatright Companies' family member, Leslie Stewart, sent this fine photo that she took at the Boatright Railroad Products Treatment Facility in Montevallo, AL. Leslie used her Canon Rebel camera.

RTA Executive Committee member Bill Moss of MiTek in Chesterfield, Mo shared these photos from the BNSF yard (BSB Tie Company) at Springfield, MO. While Executive Committee members are not eligible for prizes, we certainly appreciate Bill's willingness to share these pictures with us.