2018 Crosstie Grading Seminar

 in the Galesburg, IL Area


Registration for the 2018 Tie Grading Seminar will open in the Spring of 2018

 Online registration will open in the Spring

Announcement- check back in Spring 2018

Agenda- check back in Spring 2018

About Watch Video Promo of Tie Grading Seminar to See What It's All About.

Recap of the 2017 Tie Grading Seminar hosted by Koppers in Guthrie, Kentucky


Congratulations to our 2017 Tie Grading Seminar award winners:

Dalton Wicker, Action Tie
Lawrence Jones, Stella-Jones
Joe Ortiz, VTMI

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This seminar is three full days of instruction. Click on the links to see the tie grading announcement and detailed agenda, and printable registration form that outlines the course topics.

Check out the video to see a sample of what will be covered in this educational seminar!

RTA Tie Grading Seminar on Wood Identification Module 2 from Railway Tie Association on Vimeo.